Whiplash - Water Jump Ipa Strata & Galaxy 6.8% Abv 30L Keg (53 Pints) Kegs

Whiplash - Water Jump - IPA Strata & Galaxy - IPA - 6.8% ABV, 30l Keg (53 Pints)

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Whiplash - Water Jump - IPA Strata & Galaxy - IPA - 6.8% ABV, 30l Keg (53 Pints)

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01 / 09 / 21

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Suitable Gas Mixes

30L - KeyKeg - 31.8 kg full

30L - Diameter Ø 300mm Height 572mm


Brewer's Notes

" Built on our usual base suspects of Pale, Wheat and Oats and rocking a slightly harder water profile to push some crispness this silly beer gets a big dirty charge of El Dorado and Columbus in the whirlpool before pushing off for a ferment on London Fog yeast. Water Jump is dry hopped to a tame 18g/L in two big stages first getting heavy lashings of its low end in Ekuanot then a second helping of Galaxy and Strata for that second green washing of Galaxy and Strata.

This is a big nose of nectarines, passionfruit, white peach, gobstoppers and goddam dank and a juice body to beat the band."