FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Equipment rental is NOT included in the prices listed for each keg.

Pick Your Keg:
You pick one keg or more. They can be the same or different beers.

Pick Your Tap:
Our menu will recommend the equipment that may best suit your beer tap requirements. The is mostly determined by the number of guests you are expecting.

If you have your own equipment system, you can pick that option too.

Pick Delivery Option:
You choose to have items delivered at a rate determined by your location,
or you can arrange to collect them at our depot at no charge.

When do I need to order by?
Online orders must be completed by midnight Tuesday for delivery and collection in the same week.

Late orders are possible. However, we advise you to call us on 00353 14401962 to confirm availability.  

What keg products are available to rent?

We can supply any kegged product that is available in Ireland. If your favourite is not listed. Please contact us to find out why.

Can you buy kegs without renting taps?


Can you rent equipment without buying kegs?


How much does a keg cost?

We buy direct from breweries, distributors and importers. Our prices reflect the relationships we have in each case.

What kegs are in stock today?

We love good beer, and our job is to bring it to you in the best condition. Our kegs are bought to order to ensure freshness.

We do have some popular choices held in stock, and the ones we really like are kept in our cold store. 

Remind us to put your keg on pre-chill at check-out. 

When do the keg and tap deliveries take place?

We deliver on Thursdays and Fridays. We collect the equipment on Mondays normally. We are very happy to deliver earlier in the week if that suits your event.

Saturday deliveries and evenings can be organised, but additional rates may apply. 

What does delivery, set-up, and collection cost?

All deliveries more than 20km from our Dublin 12 depot, are charged at €0.90 per kilometre traveled (€0.69 Excluding VAT).

Shipping costs will be calculated once you have provided your eircode/address.

The rate is a calculation of the Google Maps distance by the number of outbound and inbound journeys. This is below the industry average.

How long can we keep the equipment if we need to finish off the keg?

Each keg unit is due for collection from Monday after the weekend. Any extension of the rental period must be booked in. 

An extension of the rental period can be booked if you need more time to finish the beer. Charge per Friday rollover is just 70% of equipment rental charge.

Who will be delivering the keg and tap?

We deliver and set up all our jobs. Our beer technicians are highly trained, charming, and efficient.

A single or double keg set up is normally completed in less than 20 Mins. We leave your beer ready-to-pour.

This includes us taking our time to show you how to operate the machine, and achieve the best results for your guests.

Can I collect?

Yes. We now operate a collect-it-yourself service by appointment.

We will spend 10 minutes showing you how our premium equipment is best set-up when you get to your destination.

What equipment is delivered?

Standard Counter-Mounted Tap System Includes:

  • 1 x Premium Chrome Tap with a clamp and drip tray.
  • 1 x Electric beer cooler to suit your events needs.
  • 1 x All beer line, gas line, and connections are pre-installed, tested, and cleaned.
  • 1 x Gas cylinder and gas regulator with safety box.

Where can we set up the tap?

All these items can be placed directly on the floor under your chosen counter. They can be set up outside where there is some rain protection.

What needs to be ready to make for an easy delivery?

  1. We need a table or counter-top to fix the clamp to.
  2. We need mains electricity to plug in our unit.
  3. We need you to supply an extension cable
  4. It's also very helpful for furniture to moved in advance of our arrival with a bar unit.
  5. Cars and wheelie bins are obstacles when moving heavy items, so deciding and preparing our route is always very helpful.
  6. We need you to read and sign our terms of service. And then you are on your own to enjoy the best draught in the country.


Rental Deposits

A fully refundable Rental Deposit of 200e will be taken on 'Store Pickup' Rentals.
It is returned to you on the day you drop back your rental equipment.
In most cases this will be returned to you by the method of original payment:

ie. Pay cash, you get cash back. Pay by card, money returned to card.

Card transactions usually take 7-10 working days for money to be processed.
This depends on your bank.



We can make refunds from our Brew Crew Revolut Business account to your Personal account. We would the normal beneficiary’s account details to set up the transfer to a new counterparty.

1. First name:
2. Surname:
3. Mobile:
4. Email:
5. IBAN:
6. BIC:

We need all 6 details to make this happen.



How many imperial pints in a litre?

1 litre = 1.76 imperial pints at 568ml.

How many US pints in a litre?

1 litre = 2.11337642 US pints.

How pints in a keg?

Depends on the size of the keg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keg

How many pints in a 20l keg?

A 20l keg contains 35.21 pint servings of 568ml. (42.27 US pints)

How many pints in a 30l keg?

A 30l keg contains 52.82 pint servings of 568ml. (63.40 US pints)

How many pints in a 50l keg?

A 50l keg contains 88.03 pint servings of 568ml. (105.67 US pints)

How many kegs will I need?

Top 4 factors when considering the number of kegs required:

  1. The number of guests expected - this is a pretty obvious determinant, but are you expecting a very definite number or have you left the invites open ended.
  2. The drinking habits of your guests. Are they big beer guzzlers, or are a lot of them likely to be drinking wine or soft drinks?
  3. Is it a BYOB (bring your own booze) party. You might be doing the decent thing of having a keg for those who forgot to bring their own.
    Or, are you providing all beverages for the duration the night?
  4. The start and planned end time of the party. If you plan to go all night you will require a lot more beer than if you are just having a pre-pub bash or drinks party.

Should I get a spare keg? Is there a sale/returns policy?

We advise our customers to always plan for the best.

A second or third Standby-Keg can be provided at a charge of €30 per untapped returned keg. If these kegs are tapped, the balance amount is due. 

I am not happy with the quality of the kegged product I bought. Do you take back kegs?

We are happy to broker this return on your behalf to the brewery responsible. 

Step 1. Bring the keg back to our depot. 

Step 2. We will look up the sale on our system 

Step 3. We will determine if the returned keg is from a sale less than 14 days* previous. *Older keg returns will be handled on case by case basis. 

Step 4: We weigh the keg to determine the contents. 

- If less than 5L (5l / .568ml = 8.8 pints) has been used, we credit you the FULL cost of the keg.
- If more than 5L is gone, we credit you pro-rata for the contents.

Step 5. Agreed amount is refunded against the original sale.

Note: Card Refunds can take 5-7 working days. This is outside our control. 

Here's an example keg return:

A customer brings us a 30L keg with an original price of 150e.
After 9L (9l / .568ml = 8.8 pints), they decide the product is not right. 

They bring it back to us, we find there is 21L left in the keg.

30L = 150e 
1L = 5e  

21l x 5e = 105e is the amount that is refunded. 

What does ABV mean?


"Alcohol by volume (abbreviated as ABV, abv, or alc/vol) is a standard measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage (expressed as a volume percent).It is defined as the number of millilitres of pure ethanol present in 100 millilitres of solution at 20°C. The number of millilitres of pure ethanol is the mass of the ethanol divided by its density at 20°C, which is 0.78924 g/ml. The ABV standard is used worldwide. The International Organization of Legal Metrology has tables of density of water–ethanol mixtures at different concentrations and temperatures."

Keg Price List 04/07/2024

Pre-Order for Click & Collect and Delivery
Guinness 20L € 125 Hop House 13 30L € 165
Guinness 30L € 165 Orchard Thieves 30L € 170
Guinness 50L € 255 Beamish 30L TBC
Heineken 20L € 130 Beamish 50L TBC
Heineken 30L € 170 Murphy's 20L € 130
Heineken 50L € 270 Murphy's 30L € 170
Coors Light 30L € 170 Murphy's 50L € 295
Coors Light 50L € 275 Tuborg 50L € 200
Carlsberg 20L € 125 Fosters 50L € 245
Carlsberg 30L € 170 Moretti 20L € 130
Carlsberg 50L € 270 Moretti 30L € 190
Budweiser 30L € 170 Peroni 30L € 190
Budweiser 50L € 290 Peroni 50L € 315
Bulmers 50L € 275 Four Provinces 30L € 155
Smithwicks 30L € 160 Porterhouse Plain 30L € 155
Smithwicks 50L € 265 Harp 50L € 270
Rockshore 30L € 170 Kilkenny 50L € 270
Rockshore Cider 30L € 170


What else can we hire from you?

We supply bars, glassware, bar accessories, and beer tap dispensing equipment for house parties and corporate events.

We can deliver ice, bottle bin and chilling basins for drinks and cooling.

Do you supply Offices for permanent installs of beer taps and Kegerators? 

We supply keg fridges and kegerators to homes and offices. Full 360 degree service available.

We plan, source, deliver, install, and maintain these great machines. We offer ongoing keg orders, line cleaning, and gas supply.

Do you sell the kegs for the Philips PerfectDraft keg machine?
Or, do you sell the kegs for The Sub Torp machine?

No. Both are too darn small.

Try the sites below...


What is the Brew Crew Cancellation Policy for events? 

Events may be cancelled with no charges up to 7 full business days prior to the event.

Events cancelled within 5 full business days are subject to a 10% charge on the estimated costs at the time of cancellation.

Events cancelled within 2 calendar days, the cancellation charge is 30% and within 24 hours, a cancellation charge of 70% will apply.

We do not like applying these fees. But, we must recoup some costs against labour and overheads, where significant planning for the event has occurred.

Am I the only person who has read down this far on the page?

Yes, now get some people together for a party. You are a bloomin' kegged beer delivery expert now.