Whiplash - Blue Ghosts Pilsner W/ Hersbruker & Saaz 5.2% Abv 20L Keg (35 Pints) Kegs

Whiplash - Blue Ghosts - Pilsner w/ Hersbruker & Saaz - 5.2% ABV, 20l Keg (35 Pints)

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Whiplash - Blue Ghosts - Pilsner w/ Hersbruker & Saaz - 5.2% ABV, 20l Keg (35 Pints)

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01 / 09 / 21

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20L - KeyKeg - 20 kg full

Brewer's Notes

" It’s been a while since we banged out a lager and we’ve made no secret that we’re fans of hop forward crispy boiis so we present Blue Ghosts: a German Style Pils turned up to 11.

We’ve taken the traditional approach to this one by opting out of the new world hop additions and tried to make something that’s fully representative of all that is beautiful about noble hops.

For this run we made our way out to the goddam Swiss Alps to Whitefrontier where we made this Pils a very continental affair. Brewed with only the finest Alpine glacier water, we laid on lots of German Pilsner malt, Carapils and a touch of acidulated before using a very special and secret boil process, seasoned it with a light touch of Hallertau Tradition, then cast to whirlpool. What’s special here is we’ve packed just under 10g/L into that whirlpool addition of our two favourite noble hops – Hersbrucker and Saaz, pushing them to their limit to bring you all of their herbal, spicy and citrussy goodness without the need for dry hopping.

We’ve fermented Blue Ghosts on our favourite lager strain WLP833 - giving it all that great mouthfeel and malt complexity that the strain provides without interfering with that hop profile before allowing it the long cold sleep it deserves before packaging. What you get is this beautiful bright, hop laden but crispy lager – made for good weather and beer garden pints."