New - Dry Double Coil Shelf Cooler Block (12 Month Warranty) Trm9Hc Cooler

NEW - DRY Double Coil Shelf Cooler - DRY BLOCK (12 Month Warranty) - TRM9HC

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TRM9HC Hydrocarbon Dry block cooler does not require water or ice and delivers consistent dispense temperatures within a few minutes of start-up.

The TRM9HC refrigeration system is fitted with digital control for all types of drink dispense and is designed for effective performance and improved energy efficiency. The TRM9HC utilises aluminum block technology and demonstrates excellent recovery times typically less than a minute. The unit is ideal for mobile bars or secondary cooling and is configured for use on single product with an option for two depending on the targeted beer temperature.

Built for durability and reliability, the TRM9HC achieves optimum dispense-point temperatures by combining its efficient refrigeration system with an optimised heat exchanger design achieving consistent beer temperatures with a Delta-T of up to 20 (Deg-C) from incoming beer at 24 (Deg-C) or ambient temperature.

  • Customer driven design features
  • Designed-in performance enhancements to meet all demands and working environments
  • Ideal for a range of applications – compact size ideally suited to under-counter installations
  • First-class build quality, robust construction and attractive finish
  • Improved access to components for easier maintenance and on-site servicing
  • Complementary models included in product range
Things You Understand By Buying This Product
  • I am responsible to ensure my gas and beer system is balanced correctly.
  • I am responsible to ensure my gas and beer system is leak free.
  • I am responsible for technical mistakes I may make with equipment.
  • Keg dispense requires specialist equipment, reading, learning and listening.
  • I agree to report any fault with this item within 2 working days of purchase.
  • I agree to make every effort to return the item for inspection within 5 working days if there is a fault.