Tof - S Type Keg Coupler Tapping Head
Tof - S Type Keg Coupler Tapping Head

TOF - S Type Keg Coupler - Heineken/Coors Tapping Head

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The S System coupler is known as a European Sankey (Euro Sankey) coupler. It is compatible with European "S" system kegs.
Made from high quality, nickel-plated brass, this coupler will bring you long-lasting performance.
It is dependable, durable, and one of the easiest liquid transfer systems to operate.

It looks similar to the D System (American Sankey). But, can be distinguished by it’s longer and narrower probe.

The most common beers that work with this coupler are Heineken, Amstel Light, Coors, Murphy’s Stout, Erdinger and Budvar.
The Metalman Brewing Compnay from Waterford use this coupler for their 50L kegs.