Stiegl - Grapefruit Radler - 2.0% ABV - 25l Keg (44 Pints)

Stiegl - Grapefruit Radler - 2.0% ABV - 25l Keg (44 Pints)

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Radler is the German word for cyclist, and was invented in a blind panic by a German Innkeeper named Franz Kugler when he realised he did not have enough beer to satisfy a large group of thirsty cyclists.

He effectively invented the 'Shandy' by using lemonade to make his short beer supply go further, and it became ridiculously popular as a low abv beer that quenches the thirst while allowing the cyclists to continue their journey without impairment.

However Grapefruit juice replaces the traditional lemonade bringing an immensely refreshing take on this style that is reminiscent of your favourite pineapple and grapefruit beverage, whilst coming in at a appealingly low 2% alcohol.

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