S Type Beer Keg Coupler (Sankey)

Micromatic - S Type Keg Coupler - Heineken/Coors Tapping Head

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The S System coupler is known as a European Sankey (Euro Sankey) coupler. It is compatible with European "S" system kegs.
Made from high quality, nickel-plated brass, this coupler will bring you long-lasting performance.
It is dependable, durable, and one of the easiest liquid transfer systems to operate.

It looks similar to the D System (American Sankey). But, can be distinguished by it’s longer and narrower probe.

The most common beers that work with this coupler are Heineken, Amstel Light, Coors, Murphy’s Stout, Erdinger and Budvar.
The Metalman Brewing Compnay from Waterford use this coupler for their 50L kegs.

How to Use
When the F1 silver handle is in upright position, the piston will have withdrawn into the coupler.
The valve face on the keg neck will have two teeth which match up to the receivers on the coupler.

Match it up, and the teeth sit into the groove of the coupler. Turn clockwise until it is fully held.
Push the button on the handle, and then down on the lever handle to properly couple/engage the keg.

What Connects to the Coupler
The gas line coming from your regulator connects at the side, marked 'Gas In'.
A 1/2" John Guest BSP screws on here over the NRV.
What size gas line are you using?

The beer hose connects with a fitting at the top. A 1/2" John Guest BSP screws on here.
What size beer hose are you using?

Manufacturer Micro-Matic
Material Nickel-plated forged brass body.
Material Stainless steel probe
Handle Color Silver
Handle Style F1 handle
Gas Port To fit 1/2" John Guest BSP - Out to 5/16" or 3/8" gas line.
Beer Port To fit 1/2" John Guest BSP - Out to 5/16" or 3/8" beer hose

Things You Understand By Buying This Product
  • I am responsible to ensure my gas and beer system is balanced correctly.
  • I am responsible to ensure my gas and beer system is leak free.
  • I am responsible for technical mistakes I may make with equipment.
  • Keg dispense requires specialist equipment, reading, learning and listening.
  • I agree to report any fault with this item within 2 working days of purchase.
  • I agree to make every effort to return the item for inspection within 5 working days if there is a fault.