Pygmy 25/k - Pours 1 Product (Single Coil) Cooler
Pygmy 25/k - Pours 1 Product (Single Coil) Cooler
Pygmy 25/k - Pours 1 Product (Single Coil) Cooler
Pygmy 25/k - Pours 1 Product (Single Coil) Cooler
Pygmy 25/k Green Line - Pours 1 Product (Single Coil) Cooler
Pygmy 25/k Green Line - Pours 1 Product (Single Coil) Cooler

PYGMY 25/K Green Line - Pours 1 Product (Single Coil)

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PYGMY 25/K Green Line:

Ready to pour portable Home Bar Tap System
Perfect for smaller groups

Compact but powerful - The Pygmy 25/K Green Line is recognized by experts as having the best price / performance to quality & size ratio.

The Pygmy is capable of pouring any steel Keg (or KeyKeg) of lager/ale/cider/wine. Looking to pour Guinness? The Pygmy can do that too, all you need is a tap upgrade and gas (option to add both to purchase above) 

A stand out feature of the PYGMY 25/K is its ability to pour with or without gas (pros & cons explained at the end of the page).

What's in the box?

  • Lindr PYGMY 25/K Green Line
  • 1.5m of 3/8" beer and 1.5m of 3/8" gas line + 1 x 5/16 stem - 3/8 elbow
  • EU to UK plug Adapter 

What's not included?

  • Keg of Choice
    See our full range here.

  • A Keg Coupler (Tapping Head) to your match your keg
    Options to add to your purchase above
  • Gas Regulator
    Options to add to your purchase above

  • Gas Cylinder
    Options to add to your purchase above depending on delivery method
    See our full gas range here.

  • Installation
    Option to add installation above for €100

    Installation Pricing Policy
    If visit lasts 60 minutes or less we will refund you €50. 
    If visit lasts between 60-90 minutes we will refund you €25.
    Anything over 90 minutes you will not be entitled to any refund.

About the PYGMY 25/K

Domestic use

Smaller events
Grab handle means it can be moved with ease

Lager / Stout / Ale / Cider / Wine

Inbuilt compressor (2.7 bar) meaning you can choose to pour your beer with or without gas

Continuous cooling performance 20-30l per hour
Minimum energy usage
Chilled beer from room temperature ready in 2-4 minutes (No need to cool keg)
Directly cooled tap with flow control
Adjustable temperature control / 7 different settings
Stainless steel drip tray

Stainless steel - extremely hygienic guaranteeing  a long working life

Technical Specs

Weight:  16kg
Dimensions:  Height 368mm  X  Width 167mm  X  Depth 428mm
Connections:  John Guest 3/8" push fittings
Electrical:  Mains supply 230v 50hz
Refrigeration:  Refrigerant type charge: R134a refer rating plate
Inbuilt compressor:  (2.7 bar)
Performance:  Amount of product dispensed in an hour: 30l

If delivered by courier  your order will come on a pallet

Pallet Dimensions:
Height 160mm X Width 1000mm X Length 1250mm 

Additional Information

Pros of Pouring with Just Air Pressure

  • No gas cylinder deposits required
  • No gas refills required
  • No gas storage safety concerns
  • Super portable
  • Works superbly with products supplied in KeyKeg

Cons of Pouring with Just Air Pressure

  • Kegs needs to consumed over two nights
  • Product will be less fresh and become flat very quickly after that period
  • Only KeyKeg kegs work for longer periods as the air never meets the liquid

How long will a standard keg and KeyKeg stay drinkable once opened and connected to pygmy with gas?

  • Kegs not in a fridge will always age faster.
  • All beer is better kept cold.
  • We advise customers to keep kegs away from sunlight, radiators, and underfloor heating.
  • We would expect most customers to get a up to a month of fresh beer with these machines when using gas.
Things You Understand By Buying This Product
  • I am responsible to ensure my gas and beer system is balanced correctly.
  • I am responsible to ensure my gas and beer system is leak free.
  • I am responsible for technical mistakes I may make with equipment.
  • Keg dispense requires specialist equipment, reading, learning and listening.
  • I agree to report any fault with this item within 2 working days of purchase.
  • I agree to make every effort to return the item for inspection within 5 working days if there is a fault.