Prahva - Lager 4.0% Abv 50L (88 Pints) Kegs

Prahva - Lager - 4.0% ABV, 50L (88 Pints)

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Prahva - Lager - 4.0% ABV, 50L (88 Pints)

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26th Jul 2021

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G Type

Suitable Gas Mixes

50L - Steel - 62.45 kg full

50L - Diameter Ø 394mm Height 532mm

Brewer's Notes

"This 4% premium pilsner has all the iconic flavour and gentle bitterness of a high quality Czech pilsner, but is unexpectedly crisp, lighter tasting and refreshing. Chill, open and enjoy this bottle of Pravha, the lighter tasting pilsner from the brewers of Staropramen.

Born out of 150 years of Staropramen brewing history and expertise, Pravha represents the modern, unexpected side of Prague where there's often something new and exciting going on underneath the timelessly beautiful surface of the city.

  • Inspired by Prague
  • The lighter tasting pilsner
  • Made with the finest Czech hops
  • Unexpectedly crisp, light and refreshing
  • From the brewers of Staropramen"

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