Plastic Pint Glasses 20Oz / 60Cl (50 Pieces) Glassware

Plastic Pint Glasses 20oz / 60cl (50 pieces)

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Plastic Pint Glasses 20oz / 60cl (50 pcs per sleeve)
  • Plastic pint glass
  • 20oz / 60cl 
  • 50 pieces


Choose practical, disposable glassware that's kinder to the environment with this pack of 800 disposable pint glasses. Made from a recycled material, the glasses are kinder to the planets natural resources and ensure that you're making a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint.

Thanks to the PET construction, these disposable pint glasses have enough strength to last through busy services without splitting or breaking. By using these disposable pint glasses, you'll also eliminate the risk of customers being harmed by glass shards.

These plastic pint glasses are made with a step-in base for extra stability, reducing the risk of being knocked over. This step-in base also allows the glasses to be easily pulled out of their stacks without damage.

Product Features

  • Capacity 570ml (20oz) to rim
  • Colour Clear
  • Quantity 800
  • Disposable to reduce the amount of cleaning-up required
  • Robust, yet flexible recycled PET boasts a safe and durable design
  • The recycled material makes the cups kinder to the planet
  • Shatter-proof design prevents broken glass injuries
  • Step-in base helps to improve stability
  • Stackable for space-saving storage
  • Recyclable for eco-friendly practices
  • CE marked for legal compliance
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