O Brother - The Sinner - India Pale Ale - 6.5% ABV, 30l Keg (53 Pints)

O Brother - The Sinner - India Pale Ale - 6.5% ABV, 30l Keg (53 Pints)

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To our knowledge, Keg NOT AVAILABLE from Brewery/Distributor at this time.

Price: Price Above is Keg Only - Vat Included
No Tap Included - Store Pickup
Keg: Steel 40.5 kg full
Diameter Ø 394mm Height 370mm
Coupler: S Type Keg Coupler
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The Two Brothers Brewing Company is a microbrewery founded in 1996 in the western Chicago suburb of Warrenville, Illinois. The brewery produces a range of beers for retail sale, and also sellshomebrewing supplies. The owners operate their own beer distribution company, Windy City Distribution.

The company was founded in 1996 by brothers Jim and Jason Ebel,[3][4] who run the Brewer's Coop homebrew supply store and Tap House restaurant at the Warrenville site. Windy City Distribution, their distribution company,[5] delivers to bars in the Illinois and Wisconsin area.

The company produces a range of beers, including Domaine DuPage, a 5.9% abv Bière de Garde style beer,[6][7] named after DuPage County; Prairie Path Ale, an American blonde ale named after the Illinois Prairie Path; The Bitter End an American pale ale; and Ebel's Weiss[8] a hefeweizen which established the company's reputation

In 2010, they released Oktoberfest beer "Atom Smasher", named after the largest particle accelerator laboratory in US Fermilab, right next to their brewery.

They have also been producing a line of artisan beers. The first was Bare Tree Weiss Wine, a strong wheat ale.

Brothers Craft Brewing (originally Three Brothers Brewing) was founded by the three Shifflett siblings, who used their collective experience to execute a singular vision: brew exciting, unique craft beers that emphasize and support our community.

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