Murphys - Irish Red Ale - 4.0% ABV, 30l Keg (53 Pints)

Murphys - Irish Red Ale - 4.0% ABV, 30l Keg (53 Pints)

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Keg: Steel - 40.5 kg full
Diamater Ø 394mm Height 370mm
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Murphy's Brewery was a brewery founded in Cork, Ireland in 1856 by James Jeremiah Murphy (James J. Murphy). It was known as Lady's Well Brewery until it was purchased by Heineken International in 1983, when the name changed to Murphy Brewery Ireland Ltd.nThe name of the brewery was recently changed to Heineken Brewery Ireland, Ltd. The brewery produces Heineken, Murphy's stout and otherHeineken products for the Irish market.

By 1906, Murphy’s Brewery was Ireland’s second largest brewer (after Guinness).

In 1983, after the Murphy's brand was bought by Dutch brewer Heineken International, "Irish Red" was launched for the export market, as it was hoped that it would be more popular than stout overseas

Ingredients: Malted barley, chocolate malt, water, hops and yeast.

First brewed in Lady’s Well Brewery, Cork in 1856. Heineken purchased the brewery in 1983. Beer now produced in Heineken Nederland.

Also known as Irish Amber and Draught Irish Ale.

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