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02/01/2022 14/01/2021 28/12/2021
    Coupler Suitable Gas Mixes
    U Type 75/25
       Keg Diameter
      20L - Steel - 25.85kg full 20L - Diameter Ø 236mm Height 568mm
      30L - Steel 40.45kg full 30L - Diameter Ø 394mm Height 370mm
      50L -  Steel - 62.45kg full 50L - Diameter Ø 394mm Height 532mm

      Brewer's Notes

      Guinness Draught is a 4.2% ABV dry stout that is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide. The thick creamy head is the result of the beer being mixed with nitrogen when being poured.


      Pale ale malt, about 25 to 30% flaked barley, and about 10% roasted barley, with no other grains or sugars; several hop varieties, mainly Goldings (pellets and isomerized extract); a flocculent head-forming ale yeast.

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