10ltr Gas - 50/50 Mix - Lager/Ale/Cider Gas

10ltr Gas - 50/50 Mix - Lager/Ale/Cider Gas

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Type 50/50 Mix at 200 Bar
Uses Lagers/Ciders/Ales
Kegs per Cylinder

10 x 50L Kegs (approx.) When used correctly with in date equipment. 

Always Bubble-test your gas line when starting a new cylinder for best outcome. 


Stubby - Height 648mm x Width 191mm  (approx.)

Connection Type

Standard mixed gas connection type bs 341 no 3

G5/8" Female Thread

You Will Need a Mixed Gas Regulator

A CO2 regulator will not fit this bottle

Identical fittings as BOC Suremix and Heineken gas bottles

  • Equivalent to Suremix 50.
  • Mixed gas 50/50 5ltr cylinder - un 1956 - for use in food
  • Capacity (10ltr) fill pressure (200 bar)
  • 50% nitrogen (n2) e941
  • 50% carbon dioxide (co2) e290


Read to Ensure your Safety

Always connect gas cylinder to reducing valve.
Never try to connect cylinder directly to beer container.
Never connect cylinder to any equipment not provided by the brewery.
Always secure cylinder upright whilst in use.
Always keep cylinder away from heat.
Never drop or throw cylinder.
Never try to unscrew fittings from containers.
Always ventilate cellar after gas leakage.

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