Kontakt 70/k - Double Tap Counter Unit Rental Rental
Kontakt 70/k - Double Tap Counter Unit Rental Rental

KONTAKT 70/K - Double Tap Counter Unit - RENTAL

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This unit cannot run Guinness/Stouts


About the KONTAKT 70/K :

  • Dry Contact Beer Cooler with handles
  • Chills beer at up to 90l/hour
  • Capable of dispensing any lager/ale/cider/wine
  • Capable of dispensing two different liquids at the same time
  • Perfect beer cooler for parties up to 30 people
  • Can pour beer without a gas cylinder

What's Included : 

  • LINDR 70/k Double Tap Counter Unit
  • Keg Couplers & Beer Lines
  • One Weekend Rental Fee
  • Drip Tray
  • Flow control tap for dispensing lager/ale/cider/wine

What's Not Included :

  • Bar Counter
  • Glassware
  • Gas Mix & Gas Regulator
  • Keg of Choice


What type of kegs can it run?

  • Any steel lager/ale/cider/wine keg of your choice
  • Read the air pressure pros and cons below for more detail
  • Any KeyKeg packaged product
  • This unit cannot run Guinness/Stouts

Pros of pouring beer with JUST air pressure

  • No gas cylinder deposits required
  • No gas refills required
  • No gas storage safety concerns
  • Super portable
  • Works superbly with products supplied in KeyKeg

Cons of pouring beer with with JUST air pressure

  • Kegs need to consumed over two nights
  • Product will be less fresh and become flat very quickly after that period
  • Only KeyKeg kegs work for longer periods as the air never meets the liquid

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