Kontakt 155/k - 2 Product Coils Cooler
Kontakt 155/k - 2 Product Coils Cooler

KONTAKT 155/K - 2 Product Coils - 6 Week Lead Time

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What's in the box?

  • Lindr KONTAKT 155/K
  • (2) 1.5m of 3/8" beer and 1.5m of 3/8" gas line + (1) 5/16 stem elbow

What's not included?

  • Keg of Choice
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  • A Keg Coupler (Tapping Head) to your match your keg
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  • Gas Regulator
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  • Gas Cylinder
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  • Installation
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    Installation Pricing Policy
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    If visit lasts between 60-90 minutes we will refund you €25.
    Anything over 90 minutes you will not be entitled to any refund.

Price: Price Above is Vat Included - D12 Collection
Coils: This machine can chill two products from room temperature at a rate of up to 180l per hour. 
Connections: Coils and Pump ready for John Guest 3/8" push fittings
Dimensions: Height 538mm Width 263mm Depth 530mm
Availability: 6 WEEK LEAD TIME

If delivered by courier your order will come on a pallet

Pallet Dimensions:
Height 160mm X Width 1000mm X Length 1250mm

What's in the box?

  • KONTAKT 155/K with flow control double tap and drip tray
  • Dry Contact Beer Cooler with handles
  • Inbuilt air compressor  (2.7 bar)
  • Maximum chilling up to 180l/hour
  • Perfect beer cooler for larger groups and parties
  • Pouring beer without a gas cylinder is possible
  • Very portable draught beer dispenser

What else do you need to get started? - Priced at 60.00 above

  • 1.5m of 3/8" beer and 1.5m of 3/8" gas line (+ 1 x 5/16 stem elbow)
  • A keg coupler connection (Tapping Head) to your match your keg
  • 2 x John Guest push fittings to connect coupler to the beer/gas line

 Anything else? What type of beer kegs can it run?

  • Any steel lager/ale/cider/wine keg of your choice
  • Read the air pressure pros and cons below for more detail
  • Any KeyKeg packaged product
  • NITRO STOUT - Guinness - Only when you select parts required above 

Pros of pouring beer with with JUST air pressure 

  • No gas cylinder deposits required
  • No gas refills required
  • No gas storage safety concerns
  • Super portable
  • Works superbly with products supplied in KeyKeg

Cons of pouring beer with with JUST air pressure 

  • Kegs needs to consumed over two nights
  • Product will be less fresh and become flat very quickly after that period
  • Only KeyKeg kegs work for longer periods as the air never meets the liquid

Can the KONTAKT 155/K pour Guinness?

  • Yes. You will need to have a gas cylinder, regulator, and stout tap

Can the KONTAKT 155/K dispense beer from room temperature to cold, or do I need to chill keg also?

  • This machine chills a single product from room temperature at a rate of 180l per hour.

How long will a standard keg and key keg stay drinkable once opened and connected to the KONTAKT 155/K with gas?

  • Kegs not in a fridge will always age faster. All beer is better kept cold.
  • We advise customers to keep kegs away from sunlight, radiators, and underfloor heating.
  • We would expect most customers to get a up to a month of fresh beer with these machines when using gas.


  • The KONTAKT 155/K is a professional cooling unit designed for dispensing excellent chilled beer as a mobile bar, ideal for professional/ commercial purposes  and  busy  events.
  • This cooler is equipped with a completely unique high quality system with a quiet inbuilt compressor comprising a damper and molecule suction air filter.
  • This cooler has a continuous cooling performance of 155-170 l/ h., max. 180 l/ h.
  • The modern compressor cooling unit uses the power input for direct transfer to chilling, which guarantees minimum energy usage.
  • The best chilled beer will be ready in the thermo block within 5-10 minutes after the cooler has been switched on.
  • The cooling technology is 45% more efficient  than  its power input.
  • The complete external construction is made from stainless steel to give a more clean and aesthetic look.
  • The materials used meet the highest requirements for hygiene standards and guarantee a long working life of this cooler.
  • This machine comes with a stainless steel drip tray and an adjustable temperature control with 7 different settings.
  • Two grab handles on top of the machine enables easier manipulation.
  • KONTAKT coolers have been recognised by experts as the beer coolers with the best ratio of price/ performance/ quality/ dimension.





Mains supply: 230v  50Hz



Refrigerant type charge: R290 refer rating plate


Amount of product dispensed in an hour: 180l

If delivered by courier  your order will come on a pallet

Pallet Dimensions:
Height 160mm X Width 1000mm X Length 1250mm 


Things You Understand By Buying This Product
  • I am responsible to ensure my gas and beer system is balanced correctly.
  • I am responsible to ensure my gas and beer system is leak free.
  • I am responsible for technical mistakes I may make with equipment.
  • Keg dispense requires specialist equipment, reading, learning and listening.
  • I agree to report any fault with this item within 2 working days of purchase.
  • I agree to make every effort to return the item for inspection within 5 working days if there is a fault.