Digital Stat Probe
Digital Stat Probe
Digital Stat Probe

Digital Stat Probe

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Digital Stat Probe (1.5 metres)


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 - 1.5 metres spare probe for a digital thermostat.


Information on Digital Temperature Control Associated With This Probe:

Eliwell - ID961



From the manufacturer:

The ID 961 controllers are devices suitable for applications on normal temperature refrigerating units. They are provided with a PTC thermostatic probe input (NTC can be selected by parameter) and a relay output for compressor management. Defrost cycles are controlled at time intervals by stopping the compressor.

The value of the probe’s reading is viewed on a display with two digits and a minus sign for ID 961, three digits and a minus sign for ID 961 LX.

All versions are provided with a TTL connection in order to use Copy Card, the quick programming accessory. The 16 A compressor relay options and the buzzer are also provided. These controllers are available in the 32x74 standard format with a choice of 230 Va or 12 Va/c power supply voltage.

Technical Data
Frontal protection IP 65
Container plastic resin PC+ABS UL94V–0
Dimensions 32x74 mm, depth 60 mm
Mouting panel mounting,
cut out 29x71 mm (+0.2/–0.1mm)
Usage temperature -5...55°C
Storage temperature -30...85°C
Usage environment humidity 10...90% RH
Storage environment humidity 10...90% RH
Serial TTL port for Copy Card
Display 3½ digits plus sign
Precision above 0.5% of bottom scale + 1 digit
Consumption 3 VA
Resolution 1°C or 0.1°C (selectable with a parameter).
Power supply 230Vac, 12Vac/cc ± 15%, 50/60Hz
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