Coldflow 5 - Integral Remote C/w 10 X 3/8Coils93.8M) Refurb Beer Cooler Cooler

Coldflow 5 - Integral Remote - c/w - 10 x 3/8"Coils93.8m) - Refurb - Beer Cooler

Regular price €500.00

Regular price €500.00

Price: Price Above is Vat Included - D12 Collection
Coils: 10 x 3/8"Coils93.8m) - Refurb
Connections: Coils and Pump ready for John Guest 3/8" push fittings. 
Dimensions: Height 945mm Width 570mm Depth 600mm
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The coldFLOW cooler range delivers exactly what it promises: high performance cooling, durable design and robust reliability.

Technical Specifications:


Icebank weight: 25kg nominal 

Unloaded: 66kg

Packed: 67kg

Operational: 130kg


Mains supply: 230v 1ph 50Hz

Run current: 5.0 amps


Compressor: 21cc Compressor

starting torque: High starting torque

Compressor duty (-10ºC Evap temp): 750 watts at -10°C

Condenser type: Air cooled - Cu/Al construction

Refrigerant type charge: R134a refer rating plate


Maximum rated ambient temperature: 38°C

Nominal ice bank pull down (water 10°C at 24°C ambient without python): 5 hours



Control scheme: Fixed setting thermostat

Control type: Mechanical thermostat

 Electro-mechanical and / or electronic ice bank control

Fan Motor:

Speed: 1300 rpm

Protection: Impedance protected