Brw18H - 6 Products Cooler Cooler

BRW18H - 6 Products - Cooler

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Price: Price Above is Vat Included - D12 Collection
Coils: 6 product coils with Water Recirc flow/return pump piping.
Connections: Coils and Pump ready for John Guest 5/16" push fittings. 
Dimensions: Height 790mm Width 430mm Depth 515mm
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BRW18H High Performance Midi Remote Cooler Range

The New Eco Friendly Hydrocarbon range of remote coolers have been specifically developed and designed for improved energy efficiency helping to save money and the environment.

The BRW18H refrigeration system is designed for effective performance and improved energy efficiency and develops 18kgs of ice with impressive recovery times.

Built for durability and reliability, the BRW18H achieves optimum dispense-point temperatures by combining its efficient refrigeration system with an optimised coil-pack design. With a choice of options available, digital, mechanical and energy saving thermostats, a three or four stage top mounted pump and a coil pack variant.

The Unit can be factory configured for use with all types of dispense temperature applications including glycol-based coolants for extra cold products and out SCOPE system.


Technical Specifications:


Icebank weight: 18 kg nominal

Packed: 41.5 kg

Operational: 22 kg


Mains supply: 230v 1ph 50Hz

Run current: 1.1 amps

Start current: 4 amps Fuse: 10 amps


Compressor: 12.1 cc Compressor

starting torque: Low starting torque

Compressor duty (-10ºC Evap temp): 178 watts

Water bath capacity: 40 litres

Condenser type: Air cooled - Cu/Al construction

Refrigerant type charge: R290 refer rating plate

Controls: Ice Bank Control: Twin Mechanical / Digital / Energy save
Fan Motor:

Speed: 2750 rpm

Protection: Impedance protected


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