New - Double Coil Shelf Cooler (12 Month Warranty) Bar2H Cooler

NEW - Double Coil Shelf Cooler (12 Month Warranty) - BAR2H2E2 - No.2 Pump

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Price: Price Above is Vat Included - D12 Collection
Coils: 2 product coils with No2 Water Recirc flow/return pump piping.
Connections: Coils and Pump ready for John Guest 3/8" push fittings. 
Dimensions: Height 282mm Width 453mm Depth 425mm
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The BAR2H refrigeration system is designed for effective performance and improved energy efficiency. The BAR200 develops 5 kgs of ice with impressive recovery times. The unit can be factory configured for use with glycol based coolants for extra cold applications.

Customer driven design features:

- Designed-in performance enhancements to meet all demands and working environments
- Ideal for a range of applications – compact size ideally suited to under-counter installations
- First-class build quality, robust construction and attractive finish
- Improved access to components for easier maintenance and on-site servicing
Complementary models included in product range

Technical Specifications:


Icebank weight: 5 kg nominal

Packed: 25 kg


Mains supply: 230v 1ph 50Hz

Run current: 1.25 amps

Start current: 4 amps Fuse: 10 amps


Compressor: 3 cc Compressor

starting torque: Low starting torque

Compressor duty (-10ºC Evap temp): 178 watts

Water bath capacity: 5 litres

Condenser type: Air cooled - Cu/Al construction

Refrigerant type charge: R290 refer rating plate


Amount of product dispensed in the first hour with a ∆T of:

10ºC: 31 litres

20ºC: 16 litres

Controls: Ice Bank Control: Mechanical / Eliwell


Fan Motor:

Speed: 2750 rpm

Protection: Impedance protected


 Warranty Voided if cooler does not Have Enough Ventilation Upon Installation


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