Bacchus - Flemish Old Brown 4.5% Abv 20L Keg (35 Pints) One-Way Kegs

Bacchus - Flemish Old Brown - 4.5% ABV, 20l Keg (35 Pints) - One-Way Keg

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Bacchus - Flemish Old Brown - 4.5% ABV, 20l Keg (35 Pints)

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Brewer's Notes

"Bacchus Flemish Old Brown surprises with a taste reminiscent of wine and offers a beautiful balance between sweet and sour. This beer impresses through both its sourness and the slight touch of caramel brought by the roasted malt. However, its sourness is less pronounced than the sourness of other Flemish red-brown beers. Therefore, Bacchus Flemish Old Brown is a very refreshing beer with a pleasant aftertaste. A beer full of character and history!"