Rental System Instruction Manual

Follow each step & Do your set-up ASAP

Position it

Step 1: Bring all the equipment to desired location for a safe set-up.

Step 2: Please ensure Gas cylinders are SECURED using kegs and/or the corner of cooler.

Step 3: Face cooler controls outwards and ensure good ventilation on all sides.

Connect it all up - DO NOT PLUG IN COOLER YET

Step 1: Mount the tap to you counter using the font clamp.

Step 2: Connect the clear beer line(s) to the tap using the push-fit connection(s). Colour coded when more than one to connect.

Step 3: Hand-tighten black male gas hose to female cylinder. USE WRENCH FOR FINAL NIP!!

Step 4: Turn Gas ON Valve a 1/4 turn Anti-Clockwise. The dials in the yellow box will move off '0' and show readings. They are labeled 'Volume' and 'PSI'. They should rarely need recalibration. Leave them alone.

Tap it

Step 1: Ensure lever handle is fully up. Line up the teeth on the coupler/keg with the receivers on the coupler/keg. Turn clockwise to tighten.

Step 2: Press the button beneath lever to allow lever to travel downwards.

Step 3: Once lever is moving, let go of the button underneath. Push down firmly.

Step 4: Press down on handle and you will hear/feel a click securing the lever down. You may need to lock-out your arm.

Pour it

Step 1: Pull down on tap(s) and beer and foam will begin its journey through the cooler and pipes. Foam and beer will arrive to the tap. If the tap has a thumb flow control, located on the right hand side of the tap, ensure it is not in the fully up / closed position.

Step 2: Now, you can plug in and turn on the cooler. Give the cooler up to 10 minutes to get the liquid to temperature and cut out. It will continue to cycle on/off when in use.

Step 3: Pour your pints. You can leave all equipment on for duration of your rental.

Our Emergency Rental Technical Number is 089 603 6760 *5pm is the Cut-Off for Problems