Covid-19 - Level 5 - Important Rental Policy Updates

Deliveries & Collections

  • We will now bring your items to your doorstep or somewhere appropriate outside on your property.
  • We will move back before you collect your package, and we will explain any installation to you.
  • We can hang on for 10 minutes to be available for any questions while you perform the set-up.

Store Pick-Up

  • To secure a Store Pick-Up booking, a fully refundable Rental Protection Deposit of €200 will be required. You will be prompted to pay a deposit when adding rental items to your cart.
  • The deposit will cover an extra weeks rental and the collection charge to your home if you are unable to get the equipment back to us for whatever reason. 
  • We will need proof of address for any collection. A recent phone/power bill will do. 


Thanks for your understanding and support during these times.