Budweiser - Lager - 4.3% ABV, 50l Keg (88 Pints) - Same Day
Budweiser - Lager - 4.3% ABV, 50l Keg (88 Pints)

Budweiser - Lager - 4.3% ABV, 50l Keg (88 Pints) - Same Day

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Steel 62.45 kg full

Diameter Ø 394mm Height 532mm

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Budweiser is brewed by Diageo Ireland under license from AB InBev, and has become a firm favourite since its launch here in Ireland in 1986.
"Brew masters agree the most complex beer to produce is one that is skilfully balanced, so that no single ingredient overpowers another.
This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know of no brand produced by any other brewer which costs so much to brew and age. Our exclusive Beechwood Aging produces a taste, a smoothness and a drinkability you will find in no other beer at any price.
Brewed by our original all natural process using the choicest hops, rice and best barley malt.
Budweiser accomplished this with a special brewing process which gives it its clean, crisp taste. Beechwood ageing lightens the colour and body in Budweiser, setting it apart from other lagers. This ensures a world-class product is delivered at all times."


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